About the Project


Digital music making in class – a new concept for teaching music

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe research project deals with the matter of basic elements of digital music making for groups in real time and its relevance for new concepts of music making in the field of musiceducation. The project is carried out in cooperation with students of BG/BRG Wels Dr. Schauerstraße, a grammar school with an emphasis on musical education. This musical emphasis is important for the research and underlines the difference of analogue and digital music making. The students will be experimenting with different types of digital music making under laboratory conditions and compare them with traditional classical methods of playing music. After this the students will develop musical communication concepts that they will conduct themselves (students instruct students).

At the beginning different types of digital musical instruments (DMIs) and music applications will be analysed and compared against each other. In the second step the pupils will develop a performance together with artists and researchers during a five-day-project-week. Based on the results of the music laboratories the music will be developed. Besides the artistic based research the students will also define a way how to evaluate the audience.

The findings form the basis of further music didactical research. Together with the scientists the students develop didactical concepts of digital music making for small groups. During the last stage the students instruct other invited students in pedagogical laboratories and test their self-developed concepts.